Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long time again....

Seems time has gotten the better of me and it's been a while between posts. I just can't seem to find any time to get anything these days! I was trialling a 9 day fortnight before xmas and have continued it since i got back to work after the break to try to help me slow down a little and have some 'me' time, but it seems to create the opposite effect! Despite trying to create more 'free' time to relax, we just seem to end up with more and more on our plate.

With this lack of 'time' has come a lack of scrapping mojo as well. I have managed to almost finish one LO over the past few weeks and have booked into a few classes at my LSS this month to try to re-energise the creative side of my brain! I am also looking forward to a crop night this Friday night at my beautiful friend Tiff's place. Mind you I don't think I will get much scrapping done as I will be too busy drooling over her amazing scrap space LOL!

Ah another Sunday draws to a close.... so good night bloggers and have a lovely week :)

xx Renae

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