Monday, January 25, 2010

A little long between posts...

What a crazy few weeks!

I'm well back into the swing of things with work and other commitments. I'm hoping to finally get some "me" time to catch up on things at home and try to get a little more organised. I've done zero scrapping but did finally get to see one of the Kaisercraft outlets on a recent quick visit to Melbourne! I also discovered another great store and shopped up a storm so I have lots of new goodies, if I can ever find the time to use them!

Hubby & I have also decided we really want to move into a bigger place this year, so I have added this to my never ending To Do list! I am having fun searching the net for suburbs that we can both decide on. I think we may have finally found the suburb, but it's a tad far from work, has no public transport but is in the bush without being too far in the bush, it's not too far to get to the coast, it's close to our families and is a growing community. If we chose here then we'd also be building from scratch so we can do a bit of dreaming with the plans and then get back to reality and build what we can afford LOL!

Not much of an update on my foot yet either. I went for my MRI on the weekend and have to wait until next week to see the surgeon again. I can understand the 3 words that say "no tendon tear" though!! That's one good thing thankfully. I can't understand the rest of the medical jargon in the other 3 pages of the report, so I'll have to wait until next week to find out exactly what is wrong. Fingers crossed that the worst thing they have to do is a cortisone injection and keep my foot up for a bit. 

Family and friends have been on my mind a lot lately... time just seems to fly and then months pass before we catch up. There is one dear friend that has been on my mind and the pain that she is going through. To the beautiful Tiff, you and your family are in my thoughts constantly and I hope that you are able to cherish this time that you have together and make it special for your dad (I hope he gets that round of golf in too). To everyone going through a rough time at the moment, I'm sending you many many cyber hugs and all my best wishes.

Take care and cherish the memories for as long as you can xx


  1. Hey babe - sounds like an exciting year for you. Dont forget Shane is a really good translator of doctor gobbledy gook so please ask!!! Good to hear from you

  2. Hey there..good to see you back...sounds like you will be a busy girl this year, and how exciting moving and building...gotta love it...hope all goes well with your foot too...take

  3. Hope you find that new home,thinking of you


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