Monday, March 29, 2010

Under Construction

Just like my life at the moment, my blog is starting to go under construction. As well as revamping the graphics and colours, I am revamping the title. I've made a minor start in the settings LOL but still need to change the header. To celebrate these new beginnings, I will also have some candy up for grabs, so watch this space for details on how you can win. 

Whilst trying to keep a positive outlook on life, I figure I'd start off each week with some happy thoughts, well in my case, images of pretty things that make me smile!

How comfy do those day beds look! I'm in renovation mode at the moment. We are getting our apartment ready for sale and looking at ideas for when we buy a house in the next few months. I'm such a cushion and fluffy blanket girl. I have picked up some gorgeous fluffy blankets over the last few winters and now have the matching hot water bottle cover! 

Now from some pretty scrapping images:

How gorgeous are these flowers! I stumbled across the peach ones at my LSS last week but am still trying to track the others down and am dying to see the beautiful tulle ones in real life. It got me thinking about making my own, so I've started some web surfing and found some beautiful ideas, so that's my next mini project!

I have finished a few LO's recently that I am yet to photograph, so I will update you all when I can get some decent sunlight to take the photos on the weekend. Stay tuned.....

xx Renae


  1. Hi sweetness, I adore your new look blog and the yummy flower and interior inspirations. I am now following so I can come back and visit often and I'll add you to my favs as well, take care, thinking of you, Tiff xx.

  2. You might find them at
    Vanessa has a fabulous range of prima flowers instore and is a very trusted seller.Blog looks wonderful honey,hope this means you are feeling better..always in my thoughts!Have a great Easter

  3. Thanks chickies.. it's early days, so slowly, slowly but things are starting to improve in baby steps! A bit like my blog really!! Got the next week off so just trying to chill out and take a break from everything (well not everything, I plan on scrapping a bit!). I'll head over and check Vanessa's site out, thanks Chris. xx

  4. Hi Renee.
    Hope you are doing well. Good luck with the apartment. We are going to be moving into our new house on May 7. So I will have a busy few weeks ahead. Anyway just wanted to pop by and give you some love. take care

  5. ooh those scrapping images are soo cute.

    love it and love your blog.



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