Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday!

And happy birthday to my gorgeous husband! He was born on a Good Friday, so this is the closest he has come to reaching that day again. In tribute, we held his celebrations on Friday instead! There are a few happy snaps below. We all had a great day.

So he has now reached his milestone....35... oddly enough he hated turning 30, but 35 is something he has been counting down for a long time. No it's not for some lifetime achievement... it's so he can play baseball at Masters this year with his mates! He has been counting it down for quite a few years now, so later in the year we are descending on the Gold Coast for nearly 2 weeks all in the name of baseball. It's been a few years since I've been to tournaments and thankfully given they are all getting old, they don't play 3 games a day like the Under 14 matches that I was usually involved with at tournaments when Dad was coaching and I was scoring. It will be our holiday for the year, so now it's my turn to countdown! We will have a number of friends going (and a few family on the opposition too!), so we anticipate a few fun (and late) nights.

Now those happy snaps....

 The birthday boy blowing out his candles....
And still going... I only had relighting candles in the drawer, so he got them! I didn't realise the smoke was going to be that bad though!

The birthday boy and I (above) and below, with our adorable nephew... he had us in hysterics, he is such a little character now.
Ben & Chase having fun (above) and Ben with his Dad, Debbie & Orren (below)

 And Ben with his mum (below)...

Now onto some scrapping....

This is my latest DT page for Scraploot from last week, featuring Jenni Bowlin ranges. Head over to the blog to see the full details and close ups. There are step by step instructions for you to recreate it as well..

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and happy scrapping!

xx Renae

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